Company Details

  • Purpose:

    • The purpose of this DocType appears to be related to managing details of insurance companies in a Tanzanian context ("TZ" likely stands for Tanzania). It includes various fields to capture information about the company, such as identification details, business type, contact information, and important dates.

  • Fields:

    1. Identification and Basic Information:

      • createddate, updateddate, createdby, updatedby, id: These fields store information about the creation and modification dates, as well as the user IDs who created and updated the document.

      • companycode, companynumber, companytypeid, businesstypeid, companyname, incorporationcertificatenumber: These fields capture identification details such as company code, company number, company type, business type, company name, and incorporation certificate number.

    2. Quantitative Information:

      • numberlocalstaff, numberforeignstaff, totalshareowned, totalsharealloted: These fields capture quantitative information like the number of local and foreign staff, total shares owned, and total shares allotted.

    3. Dates:

      • incorporationdate, initialregistrationdate, businesscommencementdate: These fields store dates related to incorporation, initial registration, and business commencement.

    4. Geographical Information:

      • countryid, regionid, districtid, locationstreet: These fields capture geographical information, including the country, region, district, and street location.

    5. Contact Information:

      • companyphone1, companyphone2, companyphone3, companyfax, postaladdress, emailaddress: These fields store contact details such as phone numbers, fax, postal address, and email.

    6. Operational Information:

      • statusid, smsnotification, emailnotification: These fields capture operational information, including the status, SMS notification preference, and email notification preference.

    7. Shareholders:

      • shareholders: This field is likely a text field intended to capture information about shareholders, with a specified length of 1000 characters.

  • Table Configuration:

    • Is Table: Yes (istable = 1)

    • Table Name: TZ Insurance Company Detail

  • Timestamps and Ownership:

    • Creation Timestamp: 2022-05-11 10:11:22.494704

    • Modification Timestamp: 2022-05-11 22:30:32.415238

    • Modified By: Administrator

    • Owner: Administrator

  • Module Information:

    • Module: CSF TZ

  • Permission and Visibility:

    • Permissions: No specific permissions defined (empty permissions array).

  • Sorting:

    • Sort Field: modified

    • Sort Order: DESC

This DocType seems to be a comprehensive document type designed to store detailed information about insurance companies in Tanzania, covering various aspects such as identification, quantitative details, dates, geographical location, contact information, operational status, and shareholder details. Users with appropriate permissions can create, view, and manage these company details in the system.