Consignment Details

  1. Editable Grid:

    • The editable_grid property is set to 1, indicating that instances of this DocType can be used in an editable grid. This allows for a more user-friendly interface for managing multiple instances.

  2. Link to Bill of Materials (BOM):

    • There is a field named "bom," which is of type "Link" and is linked to the "BOM" (Bill of Materials) DocType. This field represents a link to a Bill of Materials associated with the vehicle consignment detail.

  3. Is Table:

    • The istable property is set to 1, indicating that this DocType is used as a table within another DocType. It suggests that "Vehicle Consignment Detail" is meant to store tabular data related to the main DocType (possibly "Vehicle Consignment").

  4. Quick Entry:

    • The quick_entry property is set to 1, indicating that there is a quick entry form available for instances of this DocType. Quick entry forms are designed to facilitate rapid data entry.

  5. Permissions:

    • No specific permissions are defined for this DocType, suggesting that access is not restricted.

  6. Storage Engine:

    • The engine property is set to "InnoDB," specifying the storage engine used for the underlying database tables.

  7. Track Changes:

    • The track_changes property is set to 1, indicating that changes to instances of this DocType will be tracked.

  8. Purpose Inferred:

    • The purpose of this DocType ("Vehicle Consignment Detail") is to capture detailed information about the components or items associated with a vehicle consignment. The link to the "BOM" suggests a relationship with Bill of Materials, indicating that this DocType is involved in managing the details of materials or components within a consignment.

In summary, the "Vehicle Consignment Detail" DocType is designed to be used as a table to store detailed information related to components or items within a vehicle consignment. It provides a structured way to link these details to a Bill of Materials and allows for quick data entry through a quick entry form.