Root Cause Analysis

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  2. Fields:

    • An array of fields, each describing a specific attribute of the "Root Cause Analysis." Key fields include issue_detail, title, date_issue_happened, impact_to_productivity, description_of_the_issue, possible_root_cause, status, reported_by, prevention_strategy, solved_by, phone_no, is_recurring_issue, frequency_of_the_issue, department_affected, date_issue_happened, title, reported_date, department_issue_identified, and naming_series. Each field has properties like fieldname, fieldtype, label, options, reqd, etc.

    • The fields capture information such as issue details, title, date of the issue, impact to productivity, description, possible root cause, status, reported by, prevention strategy, solved by, phone number, recurrence status, frequency of the issue, affected department, and others.

    • The possible_root_cause field is a table, allowing the listing of potential reasons for the issue.

    • Some fields have dependencies on others, meaning they are conditionally visible or required based on the values of other fields.

    • The naming_series field is a dropdown (Select) field with options based on a series format "RCA-.YYYY.-".

  3. Track Changes:

    • Permissions are defined for tracking changes, views, and seen status.

    • Specific permissions are granted to users with the "System Manager" role.

In summary, this DocType is designed to capture detailed information about issues or incidents, their analysis, resolution, and preventive measures. It provides a structured way to manage and track the root cause analysis process within an organization.