Price change Request Details

  1. Fields and Field Order:

    • item_code: A Link field referencing the "Item" DocType. It represents the item code and is required.

    • price_list: A Link field referencing the "Price List" DocType. It represents the price list and is required.

    • old_price: A Currency field representing the old price. It is read-only.

    • item_name: A Data field representing the item name. It fetches the value from the linked "Item" DocType.

    • new_price: A Currency field representing the new price. It is required.

    • cost: A Currency field representing the cost.

    • valid_from: A Date field representing the valid from date. It is required.

    • valid_to: A Date field representing the valid to date. It is required.

  2. Column Break:

    • column_break_4: A column break for better layout.

  3. Table Configuration:

    • istable: 1 - Indicates that this DocType is designed as a table.

  4. Permissions:

    • No specific permissions are defined for this DocType, suggesting that the default permissions might apply.

  5. Sorting:

    • sort_field: "modified" - Sorting is based on the modification timestamp.

    • sort_order: "DESC" - Sorting order is descending.

  6. Module and Ownership:

    • module: "CSF TZ" - Indicates the module to which this DocType belongs.

    • owner: "Administrator" - Specifies the owner of the DocType.

  7. Search Indexing:

    • index_web_pages_for_search: 1 - Indicates that the DocType is indexed for search on web pages.

  8. Editable Grid:

    • editable_grid: 1 - Indicates that the DocType has an editable grid configuration.

  9. Links and Actions:

    • No specific links or actions are defined for this DocType.

  10. Purpose:

    • This DocType seems to be designed to capture details related to a request for changing prices.

    • It includes information such as the item code, price list, old price, item name (fetched from the linked item), new price, cost, and validity dates.

    • The DocType is configured to be used as a table, possibly to handle multiple price change details in a structured manner.

In summary, "Price Change Request Detail" is a table-like structure designed to store detailed information about changes in prices for specific items and price lists within a specified validity period.