AV Report Extension

The "AV Report Extension" document type seems to be designed for extending or customizing reports within the CSF TZ module. Each instance of this document type may represent a specific customization or extension for a particular report. Key features include the ability to link to a report, store custom code (both script and HTML format), and toggle the active status.

Users with the appropriate permissions, especially those with the "System Manager" role, can create, modify, and manage these report extensions. The purpose might be to provide a flexible way to enhance or modify reports within the system by associating custom scripts and HTML formats with specific reports. The "Active" field allows for the management of the status of each extension, determining whether it is currently active or not. The "Allow Rename" feature allows for the renaming of instances, and the tracking of changes provides a history of modifications made to instances of this document type.

  1. Fields:

    • Report: A link field (type "Link") labeled "Report," linked to the "Report" document type. This field likely associates the AV Report Extension with a specific report.

    • Script: A code field (type "Code") labeled "Script" for storing custom code.

    • Active: A check field (type "Check") labeled "Active" with a default value of 0 (unchecked). This field might indicate whether the AV Report Extension is currently active.

    • HTML Format: A code field (type "Code") labeled "HTML Format" for storing HTML code.

  2. Table Structure:

    • The document type is not explicitly marked as a table (no "istable" property present), suggesting that it may not be intended for storing tabular data with multiple instances.

  3. Sorting and Display:

    • The default sort order is set to descending based on the modification date. This determines how instances of this document type are displayed, with the most recently modified ones appearing first.

  4. Permissions:

    • Permissions are defined for different roles, with the "System Manager" role having full access rights (create, delete, read, write, etc.).

  5. Tracking:

    • The document type tracks changes (set to 1), meaning that any modifications or updates to instances of this document type are logged.

  6. Allow Rename:

    • Allow Rename is enabled (set to 1), indicating that instances of this document type can be renamed.

  7. Index Web Pages for Search:

    • Index Web Pages for Search is enabled (set to 1), suggesting that content related to instances of this document type might be indexed for search functionality.

  8. Database Engine:

    • It uses the InnoDB database engine, which is a commonly used storage engine for MySQL databases.