Parking Bill

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  1. Fields:

    • The document has various fields such as bill status, bill ID, approved by, bill description, etc.

    • Fields have properties like field type, label, read-only status, and default values.

  2. Permissions:

    • The document type has permissions defined for roles, with System Manager having full access (create, delete, email, export, print, read, report, share, write).

  3. Sorting and Display:

    • The default sort order is descending based on the modification date.

    • The title field for display is "vehicle."

  4. Table and Link Fields:

    • There are table fields like "BilItems" and "parkingDetails," and link fields like "Vehicle" and "Parking Bill Details," which seem to be related entities or details associated with the Parking Bill.

  5. Tracking and Autoname:

    • Tracking changes, views, and seen status are enabled.

    • Autoname is based on the "field:billreference."

  6. Database Engine:

    • The document type is using the InnoDB database engine.

  7. Other Information:

    • It has an editable grid and allows indexing web pages for search.

(description of functionality)

  1. Purpose:

    • Manages information related to parking bills, likely in the context of a parking management system.

  2. Key Fields:

    • Vehicle: Represents a link to another entity named "Vehicle."

    • Bill Status: Indicates the status of the parking bill.

    • Bill ID: Unique identifier for each parking bill.

    • Approved By: Information about the entity or user who approved the bill.

    • Bill Description: Descriptive information about the parking bill.

    • Bill Payed: A checkbox indicating whether the bill has been paid or not.

    • Bill Reference: A unique reference identifier for the parking bill.

    • Billed Amount: The amount specified in the bill.

    • Expiry Date: The date when the bill expires.

    • Generated Date: The date when the bill was generated.

    • Miscellaneous Amount: Additional miscellaneous charges in the bill.

    • Payer Email, Phone, Name: Contact information of the payer.

    • Remarks: Any additional remarks or comments associated with the bill.

  3. Related Entities:

    • BilItems: A table field representing parking bill items, likely detailing specific charges or items within the bill.

    • Parking Details: Another table field representing details associated with the parking bill.

  4. Permissions:

    • Permissions are defined for different roles, with System Manager having full access rights (create, delete, read, write, etc.).

  5. Tracking:

    • The document type tracks changes, views, and seen status.

  6. Autoname:

    • Autoname is based on the "field:billreference," which suggests that the reference for each bill is automatically generated based on a specific field.

  7. Module:

    • The document type is associated with the "CSF TZ" module.

  8. Database Engine:

    • It uses the InnoDB database engine.

In summary, the "Parking Bill" document type is designed to store and manage information about parking bills, including details about the billed amount, status, payer information, and associated items or details. It allows for tracking changes, setting permissions, and is part of the broader CSF TZ module. The specific functionality and usage may depend on the broader system or application it is a part of.