Electronic Fiscal Device

The provided code defines a document type (DocType) named "Electronic Fiscal Device" within the module "CSF TZ." Let's break down the key components and understand the purpose of this configuration:

  1. Autoname Configuration:

    • autoname: "format:{location}-{make}-{model}"

      • Specifies an automatic naming pattern for records based on the values of the "location," "make," and "model" fields.

  2. Field Definitions:

    • Various fields are defined for capturing information about electronic fiscal devices.

    • Example fields include "type," "serial_no," "location," "supplier," "make," and "model."

    • Each field has attributes such as fieldtype (data type), label (display name), options (for select fields), and reqd (required).

  3. Field Order:

    • field_order: Specifies the order in which fields should be displayed on the user interface.

    • For example, the order starts with "type," "serial_no," "location," "supplier," "make," and "model."

  4. Document Behavior:

    • editable_grid: 1 (Indicates that the grid for this DocType is editable.)

  5. Permissions:

    • Permissions are defined for the "System Manager" role, allowing actions such as create, delete, email, export, print, read, report, share, and write.

  6. Sorting Configuration:

    • sort_field: "modified"

      • Indicates that records should be sorted based on the "modified" timestamp.

    • sort_order: "DESC"

      • Specifies the sorting order as descending.

  7. Links and Actions:

    • links and actions arrays are empty, suggesting no predefined links or actions for this DocType.

In summary, this configuration defines a document type named "Electronic Fiscal Device" intended to store information about electronic fiscal devices. The fields capture details such as device type, serial number, location, supplier, make, and model. The automatic naming pattern is based on the location, make, and model of the device. Permissions and other settings are defined to control how users can interact with records of this type.