Parking Bill Details

  • The data structure includes various fields to capture details about parking transactions:

    • id: An identifier for the parking bill detail.

    • collectorid: Identifier for the collector associated with the parking transaction.

    • councilcode: Code associated with the council.

    • intime: Date and time when the vehicle entered the parking area.

    • outtime: Date and time when the vehicle left the parking area.

    • detailinsertionstatus: Status indicating whether the details have been inserted.

    • coordinates: Information about the coordinates, possibly indicating the location of the parking.

  1. Table Configuration:

    • This doctype is configured as a table (istable: 1), indicating that it is meant to store multiple entries in a tabular format.

  2. Timestamps and Tracking:

    • There are timestamps to track when the record was created and last modified.

    • The system tracks changes on each record.

  3. Sorting and Database Information:

    • Records are sorted based on the modification timestamp in descending order.

    • The data is stored using the InnoDB storage engine.

  4. Web Indexing:

    • The system is configured to index the records of this type for web searches.

  5. Permissions:

    • There are no specific permissions mentioned in the code, which means default permissions may apply.

In summary, this code defines a structured way to store and manage details about parking transactions. It includes various fields to capture information such as entry and exit times, collector details, and location coordinates. The data is organized as a table, and the system tracks changes to these records.