NHIF Patient Claim

This is a patient claim is used for the patients who have used NHIF insurance to get services at hospital.

This is where by a Patient who has used NHIF insurance has to Sign the NHIF patient claim form made by the receptionist. The claim is then submitted by the NHIF claimant officers online. This is created for both NHIF insurance outpatients and inpatients.

To access to NHIF Patient Claim, go to;

Healthcare > NHIF Patient Claim

How to Create a new NHIF Patient Claim

  1. Go to NHIF Patient Claim list, click on Add NHIF Patient Claim.
  2. Choose the Patient Appointment, then all the details about the Patient will appear.
  3. Then click on Save. After clicking on Save, a box for Signing will appear for the Patient to claim to Sign and all the information of the NHIF Patient claim disease and NHIF patient claim item will appear as seen below;
  4. After the Patient Signs, Click on Save.


 Submitting the NHIF Patient Claim

  1. This is done by the NHIF Claimant Officers after the creation of draft NHIF Patient Claim by the receptionist, where by the claimant reviews the draft claim and then Submits it to NHIF.

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