Patient Appointment

Patient Appointment is a document used for booking Appointments for the Patients to visit a Healthcare Practitioner.

When a Patient visits the hospital and is already registered as a Patient, then Appointment is booked for that Patient in order to allow consultation with a Healthcare Practitioner. The Appointment is valid up to 3 days from the day of booking it.

To access Patient Appointment, go to;

Healthcare > Patient Appointment


Before creating a Patient Appointment, it is recommended to create;

  1. Patient

Creating a new Patient Appointment

  1. Go to Patient Appointment List, click on Add Patient Appointment.
  2. Enter the Patient name, or create a new Patient by pressing the button "Create a new Patient".
  3. If the Patient is having an Insurance card, then choose the Insurance Subscription, and it will bring all details of the Healthcare Insurance Subscription (HIS) for this Patient, or create a new HIS by pressing the button as shown below.  And if the Patient wants to pay cash or by using electronic machine, then choose the Mode of Payment.
  4. Click on Check Availability button.
  5. Then enter the Medical Department, Healthcare Practitioner and Date for consultation.
  6. Choose the time slot and Click on Book. A message will appear saying that the appointment is valid for a 3 more days.
  7. For cash Patient, click on Save and then press on Create Sales invoice button, this will automatically create sales invoice for the consultation charges for a billing item. Also it will be registered to be sent to TRA VFD System, and Vital Signs will be created.
  8. Then scroll down and press on the button Send to VFD, this will send it to TRA virtually, so there is no need of EFD machine.
  9. Then click on Print icon and give the Print out to the Patient. Ensure to have a bar code in the receipt.
  10. For NHIF insurance Patient, press on Get Authorization Number, and the authorization number will appear and vital signs will be created.

Note: For other insurances or Non-NHIF insurance, add the authorization number manually, then click on Save. A message will pop up saying that Vital Signs are Created.

Creating Patient Appointment for Follow ups

Follow up can only be created for the Patient who visits the same Healthcare Practitioner, where by a patient is not charged for the consultation if the Patient comes within the three day valid period of Appointment.

For cash patient. after pressing on book, after selecting the time slots, click on Save and follow up is created, with a message showing that Vital signs are created.

For insurance patient, the process is the same, it will just show that the appointment is a Follow up appointment.

  1. Patient
  2. Healthcare Insurance Subscription
  3. Vital Signs

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